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What is The ElleVet Project?

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The ElleVet Project is dedicated to providing free veterinary care and supplies to pets of the homeless and street pets who need veterinary care.

Our Story

The ElleVet Project was founded in 2020 by Amanda Howland and Christian Kjaer in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Knowing that the homeless and their pets had fewer resources than ever and that the suffering and death toll would be high for street pets, they rented a 38 foot RV, bought medical supplies, hired a few veterinarians willing to go out on the street during the pandemic and flew out to California.

Over the summer of 2020, from May through July, the ElleVan, as the RV was nicknamed, traveled from San Diego to Northern California, going to the poorest and most in need parts of the state. From Skid Row to the Tenderloin district to Stockton, the team went to where the homeless and their pets congregated and worked morning to night every day, providing free veterinary care.

Over two months, the ElleVet Project treated over 1200 pets and met thousands of homeless. People routinely waited in line for 6-7 hours to receive care for their pets. The need was overwhelming, and even with a team of just three people, we made a massive impact on so many pets and people. This is a largely invisible group of animals in desperate need of care, so Christian and Amanda made the ElleVet Project a permanent philanthropic organization.

We could not be prouder of The ElleVet Project and set our sights on helping as many pets in need as we can all over the country. We hope you will join us on this journey!

Meet the ElleVet Project Co-Founders

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