Amanda Howland, and Christian Kjaer at a mobile veterinary service for pets

ElleVet Project and The Street Dog Coalition have joined forces to provide free veterinary care to the most vulnerable animals

The ElleVet Project and The Street Dog Coalition have joined forces! With a shared vision that all pets and people deserve care, The ElleVet Project is one of The Street Dog Coalition’s newest Legacy Sponsors. The Street Dog Coalition provides free veterinary care and related services to pets of people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness. Using a One Health approach to street medicine and pop-up street clinics, they care for lives on both ends of the leash.

The Street Dog Coalition will assume operation of the ElleVet Project’s RV, the ElleVan, allowing them to expand their operation, reaching more pets and people in need.

For more information about The Street Dog Coalition, or to donate, visit  www.thestreetdogcoalition.org

The Evolution of The ElleVet Project


In 2020, ElleVet Sciences launched The ElleVet Project, a nonprofit providing free, high-quality preventative and emergency medical care to pets of people experiencing homelessness. The ElleVet Project operated out of an RV, the “ElleVan” and spent the first summer on the road traveling from San Diego to Northern California. Over the course of two months, the ElleVet Project treated over 1200 pets.


In 2021, “The ElleVan” was made official when the ElleVet Project purchased an RV. The ElleVan repeated the previous summer’s tour of California and extended the trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. We continued to experience an enormous positive response from the veterinary community and were joined on the road by both seasoned veterinarians and veterinary students.


The ElleVet Project expanded its geographic reach greatly in 2022, extending our Western reach to Seattle and the Crow Reservation in Montana. Additionally, The ElleVan made two trips to Florida to support pets in need: a planned excursion to Orlando and an emergency response in the wake of Hurricane Ian. For the first time, ElleVet Sciences employees, passionate animal welfare advocates, had the chance to contribute and experience the ElleVet Project firsthand.


The ElleVet Project’s fourth summer on the road! By this point, the ElleVet Project community had become a strong network of like-minded organizations, local veterinarians, and the people and pets we were fortunate to support.


The ElleVet Project and The Street Dog Coalition join forces! The ElleVet Project became a legacy sponsor of The Street Dog Coalition (SDC) in 2024, in turn handing over day-to-day operations of the ElleVet Project to SDC. SDC uses a ‘One Health’ approach to street medicine and pop-up street clinics, caring for lives on both ends of the leash.

What’s Next?

With the donation of the ElleVan, SDC will be able to expand operations from the 60+ cities where it currently has Street Teams to more rural areas whose residents have the highest barriers to accessing care. We are incredibly proud to have the opportunity to play a role in helping even more pets – and people – in need.